The Breaking Point

Quarantine adventures. Thanks a lot, COVID.

Last night’s shenanigans have morning regrets. Heard this morning from our kitchen table, an uttered threat: “Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you like your new haircut.”

Why would my son threaten to shave my head while I sleep? Because my son and husband are now bald. (Don’t worry. No alcohol was involved.)

But it’s all my fault. Wait? What?

I seem to recall my daughter holding the clippers. My husband saying, “If you shave your head, I’ll do it too.”


I remember my son grabbing the clippers from me because I wasn’t cutting it fast enough. Whoops. How are we going to fix that?

A Facetime call to his girlfriend. At first, we went for the mohawk. Her response, “I think the rest of it needs to just go too. . . At least it will grow back . . .”

How did it come to this?

It had been 8 weeks since my son’s last haircut. He couldn’t take it anymore. He asked me to buy some clippers. Online – Walmart sold out. Walmart store – sold out. Amazon sold out. I even checked CVS. Nope. Dollar General. Nope. Everyone else had the same idea.

But he insisted. Had to be cut. I’ve never cut a guy’s hair before. So, we used a beard trimmer. Yes, I’m not proud of it. Did we do it just because we were bored? Or just because it might be the time to start something new?IMG_1288

I’ve had two-toned hair for 8 months because I’ve been growing out my natural grey. So, I’m sorry if I don’t seem very sympathetic. It’s just hair. It grows back. Or once I get it grown out, if I don’t like it, I can always dye it again. It’s just hair.

Do I think my son looks good with a bald head? He’s my son. He’s handsome no matter what his hair looks like. But he does have great hair. I’m sure he’ll grow it back out again and we’ll all look back on this and laugh. If anything, we made a memory during this time of panic, and, stress, worry, uncertain futures, and things we can’t change.

Now that you know his story, why is my husband’s head now bald too? Was it sympathy? Revenge? Nope. He fulfilled a promise. He boldly said, “If you shave your head, I’ll shave mine too.” As a word of camaraderie. As a word to make our son feel better. But I don’t think he really thought Drew would do it. Because once Drew’s hair was gone, Ben balked. “I really have to do it?” Keep in mind he hasn’t had his hair cut in nine weeks, but you couldn’t really tell. His hair is thinning and receding. I’ve been asking him to shave it for months. So, I guess it kind of was my idea.

“Yes, mister. A promise is a promise.” In this family we stick together. Leave no man behind.

And, so, his daughter went to work. I wasn’t going to do it. I didn’t want to be blamed for this if he regretted it!IMG_1508 (1)

Shocker – I’m still taking blame. Wait for it —– because I didn’t stop it from happening. Hilarious, dude.

I like it. I think it makes him look tough. Rugged. It’s a preference for sure. But who else gets a preference? I’m his wife. I get dibs. If I like it, case closed.IMG_1506

Two men in the same family. Two different stories. Drew will choose to grow his back and may never shave his head again. Lesson learned.

Ben will probably continue to shave what little hair he has. Maybe he’ll grow it back out. Either way – lesson learned. Take a chance. Take a risk. You’ll never know unless you try. Like I said – it’s only hair.

Can you keep a secret? I may not be to blame – but that doesn’t mean I’m not glad it turned out the way it did.

Today’s project:  dying Angela’s hair —– PINK! Because YOLO.


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